Review Policy

My review policy is pretty simple:  if I read it, I might review it.  Here are the major factors that shape what gets reviewed here.
  1. I will not ever take money to review books for this blog.  This blog is was created for friends and family, and the fact that it has grown into something bigger is beautiful and wonderful, but I won't be putting for-profit reviews here.  They'll go somewhere else.
  2. I am a YA librarian, therefore the majority of what I read is YA lit.  If you think it's "silly" that an adult reads YA lit, I won't be offended if you don't like my blog.  That is a belief I find just as "silly", and there are many adult lit blogs out there.
  3. I must finish the book if I am going to review it.  It is very rare for me to start a book and not finish it, so this part of the policy doesn't affect too many books.
  4. I try to write the review within a week or two of finishing the book.  Otherwise, I forget what happened, character names, etc.  So some books don't get reviewed simply because I don't have the time to review them right after I finish them.
  5. I always link back to the author's homepage or the publisher page for each book.
  6. If I really dislike a book, I probably won't review it.  In my experience, there's plenty of negative out there, so I like to put as much positive out there as I can.  And I also try to put myself in the author's shoes: how would I feel if I read a review that said my book was caca?
  7. If multiple people ask for a review on a book, I'll read it and review it.  However, if just one of you asks, I'll probably try to read it and tell you personally what I thought (unless it turns out to be pure awesomeness, then I'll blog it), so keep the book recommendations coming, but please don't be offended if the book you loved doesn't end up on my blog.  And if you really really want to see that book reviewed, you should start a blog!  It's easier than having a pet or a child or a plant!

Any questions?  Feel free to email me
secucchetti at gmail dot com