09 June 2010

Diary of a Wimpy Kid - Jeff Kinney

Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Jeff Kinney

If you are a wimp or a kid, you should read this book.  Greg Heffley is an average kid who has visions of grandeur.  His mom buys him a journal (which he REFUSES to call a diary - diaries are for girls) and encourages him to write down his feelings and thoughts.  The result is half graphic novel, half  fictional memoir of the trials of life in middle school.
I'll openly admit it, this is the first teen lit book I've ever read that made me laugh out loud.  Not only are the illustrations hysterical, Greg's honest voice is compelling to both teens and adults.  Teenagers will be able to completely identify with Greg, even laugh with him and adults will reminisce and think "I remember when...".

I can honestly say I understand teenage boys a little better now!

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