12 January 2012

The Power of a Good Book

For Christmas this year, my dear friend Kami gave me this necklace.  To most people, it would just be a pretty necklace.  But for me, it's one of the most amazing gifts ever.
As soon as I saw the necklace, I said "Ohmygosh, this reminds me of Revolution!"  Kami hadn't read the book, so I - of course - had to give her a rundown of what happens and why it's so amazing.
Yes, I'll admit that most people have not achieved my unbelievable level of book-freakishness, but I know I'm not alone in relating certain things in life to the books I've read.  I make obscure book references often.  I try to keep those references in my head unless I’m fairly certain those around me will catch on to the reference.  I don’t want everyone to know the true level of my book-weirdness.  But I digress…
When we read a book that moves us, it sticks with us, and even though we may not think about that book or character for a while, it only takes a little push, a little reminder, to shoot us back into that world.  This morning, as I was putting this necklace on, I remembered Andi’s voice: her bitterness, her pain, and her absolute obsession with a secret diary that made her feel crazy and, ultimately, helped save her.  I know that I have read books that make me feel crazy while I’m reading them – whether it’s because of the pictures I create in my head (Coraline by Neil Gaiman took my fear of rats and crazy mothers to a whole new level) or because of the emotions they stir up in me (please, please read A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness if you like to be moved by literature.  Or read Revolution! Both will rock your socks, I promise).
Regardless of why and how the book moves you, the important thing is that you are moved.  As a librarian, that movement is one of the many things we strive for.  Even though the library isn't just about books anymore, and sometimes in a school library, we spend more time focusing on technology, 21st Century Skills and research, we still love to see students absolutely engrossed in books, we love it when they come in raving about a great book, and we really love it when they connect a great book they've read to something as obscure as...a necklace.  Even though we do so much more than just book talks, we still want every patron to find books that make them feel, or forget the world around them for a little while.  And that, my friends, is the power of a good book.

Happy Reading!

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    I'm reading the book now!


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