21 July 2011

Books: A Love Letter by Bobbi Newman

I've realized a few things this week.
  1. Most people don't read as much as I do.
  2. Most people find the amount of reading that I do a little weird.
  3. Some of you following my blog think I'm "making up" the number of books I read (wha?)
  4. There are more people reading this blog than I thought (wahoo!).
I realized all of this because of a comment someone made about my blog.  It went something like this "You really read that much?  Wow.  That's like, a lot."  When I mentioned this to someone else, they agreed.  Then along came this wonderful little posting by Bobbi L. Newman.  It basically summed up exactly how I feel about reading.  It is beautiful, insightful and dead on.  It's called Books: A Love Letter.  Please take a minute to read the entire text, but here's one of my favorite parts.

Books have transported me to new and different worlds, or just made me reexamine the one I live in. Books have helped me take a break when time were hard or escape when times were just down right awful. I’ve learned new lessons and re-learned old ones, some good, some bad: good doesn’t always triumph over evil, the good guy doesn’t always win, the bad guy doesn’t always lose, true love conquers all, there is no right or wrong path just the path we take and its up to us to make the best of it.

The only thing I would add is that if I could bottle and sell the way reading makes me feel, I'd be a millionaire in an instant

Thanks Bobbi, for attempting to put to words what many of us feel.

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  1. You're welcome! I wanted to share it because its really been brought home to me lately the importance of books in my life. But feels woefully inadequate, I wish I were a better writer, more articulate etc. :-)


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